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Full suite subscription

This package includes "Easy Trade Pro", along with access to all current and future premium indicators.

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No discount for 1-month subscription

3 Month


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Use code "FS15%OFF" to unlock the discount

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Easy Trade Pro, Buy and Sell Indicator with Backtesting System.

All current 8 premium indicators and future releases. Please refer to "premium indicator" page for more details.

Free onboarding 1- hour call & Premium Assistance.

Free onboarding 1 - h call

Premium Assistance: Receive a response within 24 hours and get backtesting assistance tailored to 3 specific strategies for any asset of your choice, per month.

1 month



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No discount for 1-month subscription

3 month



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Use code "ETP30%OFF" to unlock the discount

Easy Trade Indicator

Get your Buy and Sell Indicator now and choose the version that best suits your needs:

Compare all technical features

Three types of buy signals: 🐂 💰 💎 and sell signals: 🐻 🔨 💀

Bullish and bearish reversal candles with support and resistance lines

Bull and bear momentum signals

A function that utilizes Color bars to identify the strength of the trend

Three customizable moving averages

Alerts direct to your email or phone

Advanced and customizable settings menu

A powerful backtesting system

Filter: "Show only strongest reversal"

Steady Signals: No Repainting

Easy Trade Advanced

Easy Trade Pro

Hide all technical features

Trading Paradise Loyalty Program

We value your support and want to show our appreciation by offering you greater savings. By completing at least three of the following actions, you can unlock progressively higher percentage discounts on our products.

Follow us, fuel your savings!

Up to 50% Discount

Our Mascot, 'God' from Family Guy, represents our command over trading indicators, ensuring your experience on TradingView is heavenly.

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Trading Treasury Chest: A unique opportunity for our Loyalty Program members to buy our TradingView indicators at discounted prices.

1 Month Subscription:

20% off with 3 actions

3 Months Subscription:

30% off with 3 actions

1 Year Subscription:

50% off with 3 actions

Loyalty program applies only to the following solutions:

  • Easy Trade Pro 

  • Full Suite Subscription

Frequent questions

We understand that you may have some questions about our trading indicator tools and services, and we're here to help. Check out our frequently asked questions below to find the answers you need 🤓

  • What timeframes and financial assets can Easy Trade be used for?
    Easy Trade can be used for analyzing market trends and generating trading signals across any financial asset, including Equities, Futures, Crypto, Forex, and Commodities. Our tool is designed to be versatile and can be used on any timeframe from 1D to 1min, making it suitable for both longer-term and shorter-term trading strategies. While we recommend trading within the 1D to 1min timeframe, but using higher timeframes like 1W can provide traders with a broader market perspective for analyzing trends and making informed decisions. Please note, that Easy Trade, along with all other trading indicator solutions on our website, is developed exclusively for TradingView.
  • How long do I have to wait until my indicators get activated for use?
    Once you purchase one of our indicators, we strive to activate your account as quickly as possible. However, please note that our premium indicators require a manual activation process, as invite-only scripts require your TradingView username. This process may take up to 24 business hours to complete, but we will do our best to activate your account as soon as possible. Once the indicator is activated, will find it in the "Invite-Only Scripts" section on TradingView and it's ready to use. Additionally, upon activation, we will send you detailed instructions on how to use the trading solutions you have purchased. These instructions will serve as your manual, guiding you in making the most out of our trading tools. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • What is a full suite subscription?
    A "Full Suite Subscription" refers to a subscription package that provides access to all our premium indicators. Instead of subscribing to each indicator individually, this option allows subscribers to access Easy Trade Pro, along with access to all current and future premium indicators. Additionally, subscribers will also benefit from premium assistance.
  • Where do we publish our indicators?
    We publish our indicators from two different TradingView accounts. The accounts where you can find our indicators are: 1.Trading Paradise (Trading_Paradise): This is our main account. You can visit our Trading Paradise account on TradingView by clicking here. 2.Head of Developers (Texmoonbeam): This account is managed by our Head of Developers. You can visit our Developer's account on TradingView by clicking here. Please don’t worry if you see that the indicators are coming from two different accounts when you make a purchase. Both accounts are officially associated with us, and this distribution helps us manage our indicators efficiently.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    You can easily cancel your subscription at any time through your client portal. After cancellation, your subscription will not be renewed for the next billing cycle. Please note that cancellation does not immediately terminate access to our solutions. You will continue to have access until the end of your current paid period, ensuring you receive the services you've paid for. We believe in fair and transparent practices and want you to make the most of our solutions. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, feel free to contact our support team
  • Plan Upgrade Info
    What options do I have to upgrade my existing plan? There are two ways you can upgrade your existing plan: Get the new plan immediately: In this case, we will reimburse the difference in cost between your existing plan and the new one, after deducting the cost for the period you've already used your current plan. Wait until the end of your current plan: Don't renew your current plan when it expires. Instead, purchase the new plan at that time. For more detailed info please click on the button below:
  • Do you want more detailed information on our trading indicators solutions?
    For a comprehensive understanding of our trading indicators and how they can benefit your trading strategy, please refer to our complete guidebook:
  • Do you want more detailed information on our trading indicators solutions?
    For a comprehensive understanding of our trading indicators and how they can benefit your trading strategy, please refer to our complete guidebook:
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