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Welcome to Trading Paradise. We are proud to be a vendor of indicators on Tradingview, a leading platform for traders and investors. We want to take a moment to explain our publishing process for scripts on TradingView, which we follow with the utmost rigor and in accordance with TradingView’s House of Rules.

Publishing Scripts on Tradingview: The Transparent Way

1. Open Source Scripts

We believe in the power of collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. That's why we publish our scripts as open-source and free for all. These scripts can be viewed, used, and modified by anyone on TradingView, fostering a community-driven approach to trading indicators.


2. Invite-Only Scripts in Public Mode

There are times when we release invite-only scripts. These scripts are published in public mode, which means they are visible to everyone on TradingView. The public mode ensures transparency and allows traders to evaluate the script even if they do not have access to use it. This is in compliance with TradingView’s Vendor Requirements and House of Rules.


3. Private Scripts (Invite-Only in Private Mode)


We do not publish scripts in private mode. It’s important to understand that scripts published in private mode are not visible on TradingView unless the direct link is shared. We believe that legitimate vendors have no reason to publish invite-only scripts in private mode, as transparency is paramount. We consider the practice of publishing invite-only scripts in private mode to be shady and non-transparent.

Why Transparency Matters

Transparency in publishing scripts is essential to building trust within the TradingView community. By publishing our invite-only scripts in public mode, we are openly showcasing our work, allowing users to gauge the quality and authenticity of our scripts.

Learn More About TradingView's Guidelines

For more information on the guidelines regarding invite-only scripts on TradingView, we encourage you to read TradingView’s official documentation on Private Invite-Only Scripts.

Our Promise to You

We vow to maintain the highest levels of transparency and compliance with TradingView’s rules. Our scripts are published with integrity, and we encourage our users to hold us accountable. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Our Commitment to Transparency and Compliance with TradingView's Rules

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