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Great recent calls from "Easy Trade Pro"

It's time to review and discuss some notable recent predictions from the Easy Trade Pro trading indicator.


In the Bitcoin 1D chart on Binance’s spot market, while many were optimistic about a rise to 40K in July, our system indicated otherwise. An orange bearish reversal candle gave an early signal, which was followed by a notable 20% dip. This was succeeded by two blue candles signifying bullish reversals, which corresponded with approximately 8% and 11% upswings. Recently, on the 2nd of October, another bearish signal was evident, which currently acts as resistance. Our Twitter post pre-empted that a price beneath the orange line could push it downward, and as forecasted, a decline was observed early this week:

Moreover, on the 4h chart, the past 46 days have been particularly noteworthy with an astounding 83.33% win rate in BTC trading. For those intrigued by the specifics, our recently uploaded YouTube video offers a detailed breakdown. Check it out:


When many were forecasting lower prices at the end of September, often citing the trend of a bearish September for crypto and BTC, the Easy Trade Pro had a different perspective. In the 4h chart, it identified a bullish reversal with a blue candle. We acted on this signal and secured profits at two target points (2TP), almost 12% ad 26% moves. Later, a bearish reversal was indicated by orange candles. In such instances, our strategy is to wait for at least one candle to close below the orange candle. This approach helps in avoiding premature exits during false bearish reversals. As illustrated in the accompanying image, there's an orange candle followed by a substantial positive white candle, demonstrating why we typically wait for 1 to 2 candles before concluding the trade or contemplating a short position.

Forex: EUR USD

On October 3rd, our system spotted a bullish reversal in the EUR-USD 4h chart on Pepperstone Broker, characterized by a blue candle. Since then, the price has consistently held above the blue line, even successfully retesting it. With a stop loss set at 0.5%, we've yet to see it triggered, meaning the trade remains active. As of writing this article, we've witnessed a favorable move of 125 pips. Importantly, there aren't any signs of weakness on the 4h chart at this juncture.

For traders considering acting on such signals, it's crucial to remember a couple of key principles. First, ensure the line holds; this provides a measure of validation for the initial signal. Secondly, it's often prudent to await a retest or observe 1-2 subsequent candles that close above the line, preferably with positive volume. This added layer of confirmation can aid in managing risk more effectively.

Lastly, it's essential to acknowledge that no system or indicator is foolproof. There will inevitably be instances where signals don't pan out as anticipated, it's simply part of the game!

For those keen on diving into compelling backtest results tailored for day trading on Forex, specifically on the 5min and 15min charts, our guidebook has all the insights you need. Explore the in-depth results and analyses at the link below:


Once again, our predictions have demonstrated precision, especially at the macro level for XAU (Gold). One of our swing trade calls captured a short move of over 8%, a monumental shift when it comes to gold. Recently, we've flagged a 'buy' signal for XAU. So, what's next on the horizon? Dive into the video below for a comprehensive breakdown and further insights:


While no system can predict the future with absolute certainty, a rigorous backtest can significantly boost a trader's confidence. Our guidebook, with its meticulous backtest results , stands as a testament to our dedication to providing traders with reliable and actionable insights. We invite you to explore, learn, and empower your trading decisions through our resources. After all, in trading, knowledge is the greatest leverage one can have.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to connect with us on our social media platforms!

Best wishes, The Trading Paradise Team!

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